Reader SOS – Moody Bedroom Design Plan

I’m back with another “DIY Playbook, Save our Space”. My plan for this series is to take a reader’s space and (virtually) offer design tips and tricks on how to improve it.

Here are some of my favorite design solutions from this series…

How Can I Make My Large Bedroom Feel Cozier?

Today’s design dilemma comes from Breanne. She recently built a beautiful new house and is stuck when it comes time to actually decorate all of these new spaces. Their main bedroom is really big, with super tall ceilings, and it already has an awesome feature wall. However, she’s unsure about how to pull together the rest of the space. Let’s hear from Breanne…

Breanne’s Design Dilemma

We have a large master with a really cool feature wall. It’s very tall, and I don’t know how to finish the look. There will not be an office in the primary bedroom. It’s only there temporarily right now.

How to create a moody bedroom design in this space

I want the space to feel cozy and comfortable if that’s possible with the tall wall. I was thinking maybe a lounger or sofa, some textiles (rug, window treatments, or something on the wall, etc).

Really a way to cozy up the space and have it feel like our little bedroom retreat. And to have the bedroom feel complete. We don’t even have pictures on our walls yet.

How do I make my blank bedroom feel cozier?

On the other side, we purchased that bed frame recently but it looks too short for the wall. I’d be open to suggestions for a better-fitting bed frame for the room. The nightstands are very old and missing hardware, so I want to update those too (I’ve been saying I’m going to refinish them for years and still haven’t done that). I also don’t like our lamps, they’ve been with us for 15 years!

Moody Bedroom Design – The Gameplan

This space has so much potential and I loved reading that Breanne really wants to make this such a comfortable space for herself. That’s exactly what a main bedroom should be – a calming place to recharge! Here’s my plan for her…

  • Paint it all dark!
  • Opt for a wall of curtains
  • Add a chaise lounge chair and a new dresser
  • Replace the bed and incorporate cozy bedding
  • Add a large rug
  • Replace the nightstands and add sconces above

Don’t Be Afraid Of Dark Paint

Dark paint in a guest bedroom retreat
Liz’s Guest Room with deep blue walls

I know that painting an entire room in a dark saturated wall color can be scary and out of your comfort zone. But, you’ve gotta trust me on this one. Instead of just having that accent wall be dark, I would paint the three remaining walls with that same rich color. Yep, the whole room would have dark walls.

Add a wood wall treatment behind your bed
Dark navy walls in our old condo. I loved this moody space!

If Breanne truly wants to create this cozy space, then a moody paint color is the way to do it. It’s the perfect foundation for a luxurious feel for the rest of the space.

Our baby boy nursery reveal

Ellis’ room is the most comfortable room in our own home and that’s because his walls are a dark green paint color (Benjamin Moore, “Tarrytown Green”). When I walk in, I instantly feel relaxed.

I think the dark paint in Breanne’s space would give them that moody vibe they’re after. Plus, they still get plenty of natural light through their large windows, so it won’t feel like a cave. I have a feeling she would have a good night’s sleep in this space!

Layer In Some Gorgeous Curtains

Dark green guest room reveal with white curtains
My Brother’s Guest Room with Dark Green Walls

With the walls painted, I would then add a gold curtain rod hung high. Since the ceiling is sloped, I would take the curtain rod all the way up a few inches below the right side of the wall and then run it across. Because the walls are now dark, I would go with a creamy-colored curtain and span the entire wall. She would probably need at least two panels on each side. This blog post goes into detail about the best way to hang curtains.

Layering in curtains like this is such a great idea to make a room feel softer and more intimate. It would also brighten things up next to the moody walls.

The New Bedroom Layout

Moody bedroom design plan- the new layout for the space

Let’s take a look at the layout with the new furniture for this moody bedroom design. (Note: These aren’t the choices for the furniture/rug. They are just placeholders for sizing.) I would start with a 9×12 rug to anchor the space. They can fit a king-sized bed in here and a 9×12 rug is what I typically recommend with that bed size. This one is gorgeous and brings in some really pretty deep colors.

Moody bedroom design - how to create the perfect layout

Across from the bed, I would add a chaise lounge chair with a floor lamp right next to it. This leather one with brass feet is perfection. This would be a nice spot to relax, drink morning coffee, or read. Next to it, I would place a light wood dresser like this gorgeous piece.

Choosing a new headboard and bedding for this moody bedroom design

I’m not sure if they’re “TV in the bedroom folks”, but if they are, they could opt for a Frame TV so it looks like art right above their dresser. Or they could just add a piece of artwork above the dresser.

Accenting With Brass & Matte Black Finishes

Our new brass bedroom sconces
Sconces In Our Bedroom

Because the walls are dark, I would choose brass/gold for the main accent metal in this space. I would go for this gold curtain rod and then brass sconces hung above the wooden nightstands. Whenever you’re adding metal to a space, it’s important to repeat that element a few times throughout. So, I would add a few brass accents here and there too!

For the second metal in the space, I would opt for black matte. The nightstands, floor lamp, and dresser I chose all have black matte finishes. This blog post has more tips about incorporating various metal finishes throughout your space.

Choosing A New Headboard

Breanne mentioned that she doesn’t love their current bed and is worried about it being too low for the tall wall. I would have to agree. I think an upholstered headboard with a taller profile would look better in this space. I would opt for one like this with the light-colored fabric popping against the moody walls. Plus, that striped fabric is so cool!

cozy home decor ideas to take your space to the next level

As for the bedding, you guys know I adore our waffle weave duvet set. It’s so soft and the bright white bedding would look great against the dark walls. I would then top off the look with a long lumbar pillow. This olive one is so pretty and would eliminate the need for a ton of excess throw pillows on the bed.

Moody Bedroom Design – The Mood Board

Moody bedroom design plan

Gold Curtain Rod // Chaise // Dresser // Floor Lamp // Striped Headboard // Rattan Nightstands // Gold Wall Sconce // 9×12 Rug in Merlot // Curtains in “Natural” // Lumbar Pillow

I think it’s a pretty stunning bedroom makeover and I adore the moody color scheme in here. I think the neutral bedroom decor keeps things from being too dark and the warm tones add a cozy vibe.

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